Big Faith Questions

So with the weather changing, colors becoming breath-taking, and as always someone in the youth group suffering a leg injury, fall must be upon us.

The youth have had a full and substantial roll in our congregational life this fall. Between five freshman taking the faith upon their own shoulders, a record number of pumpkins being sold to buffer our future adventures, and a high country adventure to Breckenridge, we are finding our footing going into Advent.

I am incredibly proud of the Mackenzie, Neva, Rachel, Josh and Zach, who have taken it upon themselves to continue in their faith journey. If you were there on reformation Sunday at 8:00 you would have heard what blew me away. “It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, gay or straight, it just matters that you love God, because God loves you”. So simple, yet so heartfelt.

Sometimes we get caught up in what we want from our relationship with God. How we sing, how we commune, how we accept God. Yet one of our confirmands hit the nail on the head. IT isn’t how we love God, it’s how God comes to us and loves us.

Breckenridge was amazing as well. We had way too much Hot Chocolate and played a little too many games of exploding kittens. (Google it, Buy It) We had fun messing with store clerks, enjoyed a rope swing and rock climbing wall into the Breck Rec Pool, and even met an Ex-pro skateboarder.

Yet all of that is secondary to the bonds formed and the conversations had by men who are wrestling with faith, and growing in the process. I can’t figure out why I am still surprised by some of the heartfelt and moving moments that the mountains can bring out in our youth. They are growing and unafraid to wrestle and fight with some of the biggest faith questions. Helping redefine and solidify who they are as children of God and people in the world, without becoming people of the world and people who know God.

Finally, I want to thank a man who has been both a support and voice for our youth program. Greg McDaniel has served our youth by being our council rep and has done an amazing job checking in on me and making sure our youth needs and voices are heard. He will never admit it himself because he is an amazingly humble man, but he has really helped me through a year of separation anxiety and stress.

For those who don’t know, this is the start of my 8th year at LCHS. That means Hunter, Kevyn, Amy, and Taylor, the four graduated seniors, were 7th graders when I started. It was a trying summer for me and Greg was supportive as I went through a little bit of a calling crisis. IF you see Greg in church please give him a handshake, hug, or Huge kiss if you are so bold (I’m looking at you Dave Perry)  for the AMAZING work he has done for LCHS’ youth and family ministries.

In Christ,

Erik Williams, Youth Director

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