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Youth Group at LCHS

Our youth group is called Iceberg for a reason. The amount you see on the surface is not the sum of their relationship with God.

The high school age youth meet with Erik Williams, the youth director, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month during the school year.  Erik also leads the high school youth in a weekly discussion on Sundays between worship services at 9:15 am.

At these gatherings, Erik strives to bring Jesus to life for the kids, by talking about why their faith and the Bible are relevant in their daily lives.  He discusses topics like cliques, parents, peer pressure, sharing your faith, following God, and more.  Contact our Youth Director, Erik Williams, with questions or to join the fun!

Erik also plans special outings, service events, weekend retreats and backpacking weekends during the summer.



Upcoming Events


Opportunities in Worship

Starting in November we will also be planning and practicing what our Youth's role will be in the Christmas program this year. I have written a new drama for this year.

There will also be an opportunity on CHRISTMAS EVE morning during 8 and 10:30 for our youth to help serve our congregation. Details are still being formed, but I want to plant the seed so you know involvement will be encouraged.


Friday, December 29, 9:00 pm.  We will gather at the church for an evening of games, laughter, junk food and little sleep.  This event is for 9th-12th graders.

Youth Director Thoughts

Big Faith Questions

So with the weather changing, colors becoming breath-taking, and as always someone in the youth group suffering a leg injury, fall must be upon us.

The youth have had a full and substantial roll in our congregational life this fall. Between five freshman taking the faith upon their own shoulders, a record number of pumpkins being sold to buffer our future adventures, and a high country adventure to Breckenridge, we are finding our footing going into Advent.

I am incredibly proud of the Mackenzie, Neva, Rachel, Josh and Zach, who have taken it upon themselves to continue in their faith journey. If you were there on reformation Sunday at 8:00 you would have heard what blew me away. “It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, gay or straight, it just matters that you love God, because God loves you”. So simple, yet so heartfelt.

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Your kids are invited to be a part of ministry that helps kids discover and wonder about why their faith and the Bible are relevant to their daily lives!