God's Action

In worship, God acts!

God creates, God feeds, God speaks, God forgives, God loves, God showers us with grace, and God empowers us to live our lives with courage, hope, and love.

As Lutherans we celebrate a living, reforming tradition - not some ideas that died centuries ago.  We worship reverently, we sing loudly, we walk humbly, we think deeply, we serve locally and globally, we give money and time abundantly, we follow Jesus faithfully, we doubt simultaneously, we hope defiantly, we disappoint regularly, we mess things up royally, we receive God's forgiveness daily, and we keep showing up to try again.

We believe our faith shouldn’t stop at the door. We are sent into our communities and neighborhoods to live God's love in everything we do.

We don’t think we have all the answers. Through worship and sharing the sacraments together, we open our hearts and our lives to God.

We welcome all people!  You are invited to be a part of this community of faith as we seek to live God's grace together.

Join us Sundays at 9:00 a.m. or online anytime!


Next Steps...

We invite you to join us in worship!